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21.07.2008 Pursuit III is the winner of Päijännepurjehdus

After PrePäitsi the crew of Pursuit III put pedal to the metal and won Päijännepurjedus by convincing margin to the second place boat Pii. Right after the race - after 20 hours of sailing - the crew was in good mood and they promised to come back next year to defend their title. The skipper Hannu Pöyry told that they still had some boat speed problems but by avoiding the windless spots in the race they were able to catch the other scows and even took the lead during the last hours of the race. Gongratulations to Pursuit III!

Results can be found from here.
Kärkinen Judinsalo Ykskoivu Maali

20.07.2008 Shuffle took PrePäitsi second time in a row

Before traditional lake regatta Päijännepurjehdus, there is sportboats regatta called PrePäitsi. Also E-Scow fleet is part of the fun and this year there were five boats competing for the PrePäitsi title. Four starts were sailed and there were winds from really light to the almost 20kn gusts that made the racing interesting. Winner of the regatta was second time in a row Shuffle who won tree races out of four. The second place took Pii. It was great race from them - especially when this was their first E-Scow regatta ever. Excellent result for them!

15.06.2008 Pursuit won E-Scow Ranking 3

Third ranking was held in Helsinki by HTPS. Weather and location was ideal for Scow sailing - no waves, wind was gusty and shifty between 10kn to 18kn. If only sun had been shining... The winner of the ranking was Pursuit III who took easily all the bullets - partly due to their good boat handling and partly due to lack or real competition. Congratulations to Pursuit III.

18.05.2008 E-Scow Ranking 2 in Taalintehdas

Second E-Scow ranking in 2008 was held in Taalintehdas. Obviously breakages last week kept couple of teams away from the sailing course and there were dissapointing three boats on the startling line. Ranking was divided into two parts and on Saturday there were four windward - leeward races and on Sunday 20nm coastal race which was sailed with LYS-handicap fleet.

On Saturday fresh breeze was blowing between 12kn - 16kn at the time fleet was heading out. Wind continued to fill in and during the last race breeze was around 20kn and even more in the gusts. Both Shuffle and Hang Ten did three races and then decided to give up when it was getting too cold and wet in the growing swell and rapidly deteriorating conditions. Loiskis was sailing with three and they were seriously lacking some rail meat. After frustrating struggle in the first race they decided to head back to harbor and get some Sauna treatment.

On Sunday there was only Loiskin racing - other two boats decided to skip coastal race. Loiskis won the whole race and showed that the E-Scow can be sailed competitively in handicap fleet if conditions are right.

Results for both days:

2Hang Ten10

2Hang Ten4 (DNS)
2Shuffle4 (DNS)

11.05.2008 E-Scow Ranking 1 in sunny Naantali

E-Scow ranking was started in perfect conditions in Naantali. All five E-Scow teams enjoyed the sunny cloudless skies and nice and warm breeze which is rarity at this time of the year in Finland. Race committee did well and tracks were pretty much what was needed.

Three races was in order on Saturday. Wind was light and sunny. Shuffle was sailing with three and light winds were more than perfect for them. Good boat speed covered couple of bad starts and lousy douses and they dominated the first day by taking three bullets. Second after three races were Loiskis and local boat Hang Ten was third.

On the second day breeze filled in a bit and at the end of the day there were some gusts around 16kn-18kn. This seemed to be a bit too much for some teams and boats after long winter and some gear breakages and turle was seen during the day. On the other hand the wind made the racing spectacular. Sun was shining - breeze was shifty and warm and speeds up and down were great. Bigger breeze made the leader board more scattered and there were different boat taking the bullet in every race. Results for the regatta can be found from here.

31.1.2008 E-Scow article in local sailing magazine

Finnish sailing magazine Vene made an excellen four page artice about E-Scows. Article told about history of Escows, Melges Family, basic characteristics of scow sailing and of course about Finnish E-Scow fleet. That was easily the best thing in the whole winter.

16.1.2008 12 boats in Finnish fleet!!

Twelve it is. Boat number 11 - Pii - just got a new owner. Boat will go to Lake Näsijärvi where they now have two boats. The latest boat - number 12 that is - with all the bells and whistles will be converted to asym and then packed to the container. That boat should be in Finland just before the season begins.

15.1.2008 Preliminary 2008 Ranking schedule is out

E-Scow Fleet published the 2008 Ranking schedule. In most parts it is ready but there will me some minor fixes to it. Anyway the number or regattas will be 7 and those regattas are all over the Finland - pretty much where the scows are. More info follows when we have translated the regatta pages.

New team and another boat!

E-Scow fleet just had one more team and boat number 11 is about to leave USA. There's also strong rumours about one more team, so boat number 12 to Finland is not far away....


17.9.2007 Ranking 4 and class championships

E Scow Rankig 4 and National Class Championships was raced at Lake Näsijärvi last weekend. Cold and breezy weather made the racing tough and even. After really tight racing the Salo brothers managed to win class championships with "Buddy", but Kai's "Shuffle" managed very close second place. With even score "Buddy" managed to take the championship by winning the last race. Could not be more exciting! Ilkka Lumme & co with "Loiskis" were attacking hard but this time it was bronze for them.

Rankig 5 and last regatta this season is next week in Helsinki. Here's full results, pictures and some speculation (in Finnish).

27.07.2007 tenth E-Scow arrived!

Finnish E-Scow fleet broke just the magical limit of 10 boats.
A 1985 Johnson, "Don Johnson" is for sale and will be delivered to new team immedietly. The boat is clean and in good shape. You can see the boat in Tampere
You can also have "Don Johnson" for your team in rankings or other races / testdrive , ask more from fleet captain

Act fast, you are still able to join season 2007 in the fastest monohull OD-racing in Finland..

Here's "Don Johnson":

22.07.2007 3rd ranking sailed

E Scow -ranking nro 3, the race Päijännepurjehdus, was sailed in variable but mainly light air at lake Päijänne. Light airs made the race pretty tough for E-Scows, especially at the end of the race where last few miles seemed to last forever. Here are results and ranking situation after 3 races:

Interval times: at Judinsalo ja at Kärkinen and final results..

Ranking after 3 races.
1.BuddyTimo Salo326
2.ShuffleKai-Jussi Ruuskanen323
3.LoiskisIlkka Lumme321
4.Queen MaddieJaakko Lahtinen216
5.FlipperRoni Saksi18
6.Floppy DiskJanne Laine16

20.07.2007 Ranking after 2 races

1.BuddyTimo Salo217
2.ShuffleKai-Jussi Ruuskanen215
3.LoiskisIlkka Lumme214
4.Queen MaddieJaakko Lahtinen111
5.FlipperRoni Saksi18

20.07.2007 ranking nro 2 sailed

On friday 20.7 was raced the first traditional race PrePäitsi, which was ranking number 2 for this season. Unfortunately there was only 4 E-Scows in race due some vacations and crew problems.

There was only 2 starts instead of 3 planned. Wind was puffy and about 8-16 knots, also direction was shifting. Puffy conditions offered some action and hiking and trimming was constant.

1st race was won by Kai-Jussi Ruuskanen with "Shuffle". To start number 2 also the Salo brothers got the race map and were able to win it.

Here are results

Satrt 1:

1.ShuffleKai-Jussi Ruuskanen
2.LoiskisIlkka Lumme
3.BuddyTimo Salo
4.Queen MaddieJaakko Lahtinen

Start 2:

1.BuddyTimo Salo
2.ShuffleKai-Jussi Ruuskanen
3.LoiskisIlkka Lumme
4.Queen MaddieJaakko Lahtinen

25.06.2007 A day at Lake Näsijärvi...

Buddy went out at lake Näsijärvi in 16-24 knots of wind...with crew of only three it was not 100% push, but great fun and ~16 knots of speed anyway. Waiting for the next race...

08.06.2007 Next ranking is closing...

The very first traditional race, PrePäitsi will start on lake Päijänne in friday 20.7. at Padasjoki. We are looking for tough OD-race on short W/L course, lots of action and happenings. There will be E-Scows, Platu 25's, the handicapp fleet + F18 -cats + possibly even 18ft skiff at the same course, so lots of tight situations, speed and action to come!

At forums there's more. The race PrePäitsi is great tune up for the famous Päijännepurjehdus -race which starts on next day.

Remember also other races, more info at ranking pages.

06.06.2007 Shuffle is in Finland!

Shuffle was custom cleared and forwarded to her new owner today. One more night at the terminal and then she can come to her new home at EPS. During weekend new owners will begin enjoying with their new dear...seems like everythinh is ok, but a bit dirty. Some TLC and soap and she'll shine like the sun!

19.05.2007 Buddy won the opening at Taalintehdas

The first ranking -race winner was "Buddy" from Lake Näsijärvi sailing club skippered by Timo Salo. Crew members were Vesa Salo and USA reinforcment Clarence Holmstrom. On fridays W/L course Buddy crushed everyone by winning all 5 starts. On saturdays long distance race only E joining was "Loiskis" skippered by Ilkka Lumme, all other E's were unable to join or filling in other boats crews. Ilkka flew across the race with the fastest time beating boats like Henderson 30...good times!

Ranking series look like this after first race:

1.BuddyTimo Salo9
2.FlipperRoni Saksi8
3.LoiskisIlkka Lumme7
4.TorstiKai-Jussi Ruuskanen6

20.04.2007 10th E to Finland!

The Finnish E-Scow fleet is happy to announce that today 10th boat was bought to Finnish fleet! Newbie will arrive in early june. Good times!

05.04.2007 Charleston Easterns

Finnish E-Scow fleet representative and reporter landed to USA and is on his way to Charleston and E-Scow Easterns. Stay tuned for reports and feelings from USA...

05.04.2007 Nine

Rumour came to be true. Now there's seven boat in Finland, 8th and 9th will be bought in any day now. There's a lot affordable boats for sale... ten is very close...

22.03.2007 Ranking pages opened

E-Scow Ranking 07 -page is ready for publishing. We will collect info about Finnish ranking series there.

08.03.2007 E-Scow sailing in big breeze

More E-Scow -material from YouTube.

07.03.2007 Boat number eight?

Rumor is that there will be eight boats in Finnish fleet any time soon. It is said that very promising prospect has been searching for the boat for him. We really hope that this rumor appears to be true and we have one more team for the first ever OD E Scow ranking in Finland. We will welcome the rookie :)

06.03.2007 Only six weeks to go

Summer is almost here! Only about six weeks before we can start the season and gather the boats togeter for the training session. E Scow fleet has decided to start training in Tampere with training session where all boats are very welcome. Idea is to start the season together in place called Ratina which is near the city center and is open (ie. it's not covered by ice) quite early due the strong current. In the matter of fact the area is open already - the only problem is that the slip is still frozen and makes the launching impossible...

06.03.2007 Easter Regatta at Charleston

This year there will be finn E Scow sailors presented in Charleston. Kaissi has got an opportunity to sail with Dierk and Kimo as their bowman in Easter Regatta this year. Kaissi has promised to write blog about the regatta and take some pictures from the sunny Charleston.

03.01.2007 Finnish E-Scow ranking schedule

FSA Board has accepted the the following shedule for the Finnish E Scow ranking in 2007.

1.Ranking Ruukin kierrosTaalintehdas 18.-19.5.2007
2.Ranking Pre-PäitsiPadasjoki 20.7.2007
3.Ranking Päijänne RegattaPäijänne21.-22.7.2007
4.Ranking Näsijärvi RegattaTampere 15.-16.9.2007
5.Ranking FSA Nationals 07Helsinki 22.-23.9.2007

24.12.2006 Merry christmas!

What a special winter this is! No frozen water areas in southern Finland...amazing weather. Perfect time to go sailing...

19.12.2006 They are here!

All "new" boats are now happily arrived in Finland, now we just wait for season 2007 and it's 5 ranking races. Besides rankings, E-Scow fleet will win some handicap races around Finland. Fast is fun!

31.10.2006 Make it seven

3 more E Scows were packed in to container this week and they are on their way to Finland. Now the total amount of E Scows in Finland is seven. This is great news and we just can't wait the next season packed with five E Scow regattas all around the Finland. This will be the first real season for scows in Finland and we hope to get more recruits joining us while travelling around Finland. Good times.

09.08.2006 ILYA Championships in USA, more teams coming

10.8. 2 Finnish sailors will travel to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA. There's ILYA Championship and they will participate. More about it at forums. You can also follow the race here.
Finnish E Scow fleet is growing, now we are looking for a boat for couple of new teams. In case you are interested in joining us, contact us fast, the best boats will be awailable soon and if you can pack several boats in one container, shipping will be cheaper!

10.07.2006 E Scow -merchandise

Now you can show your support to Finnish E Scow fleet by buying E Scow t-shirts to your crew and relatives :) Fruit of the Loom t- shirts are white and they have E Scow logo on the back as well as text "Finnish E Scow fleet". Also E Scow stickers should be available soon. Contact Plaanaa in case you want to buy one.

10.07.2006 20.1 kn

The 20 knots barrier broken. Vinces proved that this boat is really worth of it's reputation breaking the 20 knot barrier in windy afternoon at Näsijärvi, Tampere. Some pictures and videos from that afternoon can be found from here.

04.07.2006 E Scow at 35kn

The title says it all. Click the picture to see the video.

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